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Creating Beautiful Smiles At Krishnan Orthodontics In Prince Frederick, MD

Your Prince Frederick and Calvert County, MD orthodontist, Dr. Krishnan, and his wonderful team work closely with patients to assist them in their journey to a beautiful smile. From traditional braces to the modern Invisalign treatment, Krishnan Orthodontics has a solution suited for all of your orthodontic needs. Dr. Krishnan and the team have provided images of patients who have benefitted from orthodontic treatment.

Patient 1
One of Dr. Krishnan’s patients suffered from an openbite caused by a thumb habit. As you can see, the patient’s teeth did not fit together properly until undergoing orthodontic procedures. It’s important to fix openbites because they impact your chewing and talking.


Patient 2
Here, your Calvert County and Prince Frederick, MD orthodontist used Invisalign to treat a patient who had both crowded teeth and a crossbite. Both problems should not be left untreated. For instance, crowded teeth may lead to gum disease due to plaque and bacteria build-up; a crossbite may cause tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.


Patient 3
This patient had too much room between the upper teeth. To fix this spacing problem, Dr. Krishnan treated the patient with Invisalign. When left untreated, spacing may result in weak gums and can even cause teeth to slip out of their proper place!


Patient 4
This patient had an underbite, or a class III malocclusion, which interfered with proper chewing and speech. The patient often experienced discomfort when eating and in social situations. Using orthodontic treatment, Dr. Krishnan relieved the patient of any future problems.


Patient 5
Dr. Krishnan was able to help this patient who was missing a lower front tooth. Using orthodontic best practices, Krishnan Orthodontics prevented the patient from experiencing other problems often associated with missing teeth, including gum disease, improper bite and teeth shifting.


Your Journey To A Beautiful Smile Starts With Krishnan Orthodontics!

Whether you are experiencing crowded teeth, an overbite, or something completely different, Dr. Krishnan and his team have a solution for you. To find out if you are a good candidate for orthodontics, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Located in Prince Frederick, MD, Krishnan Orthodontics will help you reach the smile of your dreams!