Patient Handouts


s-braces2.jpg At Dr. Krishnan’s Orthodontic office one of our goals is to ensure that patients are educated throughout their orthodontic journey. We want to give you a beautiful smile for life and a great foundation for excellent oral hygiene.

You received your patient handouts when your treatment began but we have them here also as a way to keep patients and parents informed of what to expect while going through treatment.  Our handouts will give you all the information you need for the ongoing care of braces, retainers, and common appliances that you’ll see here at Dr. Krishnan Orthodontics.

Read below, download the form, and feel free to print them out if you see fit. 

Retainer Handout

This handout covers retainer wear and care, including how to maintain excellent oral hygiene, keeping your retainer in top shape, and how to properly wear your retainer throughout the duration of your treatment.

Appliance Handout

This handout provides information on how to brush your teeth with an appliance, how to store your appliance, how to properly care for your appliance, and how to adjust your appliance (if applicable).

Flossing and Brushing with Braces & Common Problems

 Flossing and brushing while wearing braces can be tough — it’s important to follow these tips in order to maintain great oral hygiene while undergoing treatment. In this handout, you will find instructions on how to brush and floss with braces, and a couple problems that patients can run into when they are not brushing and flossing properly.

Preventing Problems with Braces

This final handout details how to care for your braces, food and drinks to avoid when undergoing treatment, and how to make the most of treatment and potentially speed treatment up!

Contact Your Orthodontist In Calvert County

To schedule an appointment to learn more about orthodontic treatment and caring for orthodontic appliances or braces properly, we recommend scheduling an appointment in our Calvert County orthodontic offices, or give us a call to ask specific questions if you have them!