Jaw Surgery


Corrective jaw surgery (called orthognathic surgery) is sometimes necessary when orthodontic treatment alone is not comprehensive enough to treat the developing problems that a patient may present. Orthognathic surgery treats and corrects abnormalities of the facial bones, specifically the jaws and teeth. When used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, surgery can correct many abnormalities that can impact patient’s chewing, talking, sleeping and other routine activities, as well as improve the overall appearance of the facial profile.

Dr. Krishnan, a trusted orthodontist in Calvert County, MD since 1993, has worked with the area’s top oral maxillofacial surgeons on many orthognathic surgery cases though the years with beautiful results.

Once Dr. Krishnan has identified the need for orthognathic surgery, though his diagnosis of your orthodontic records, he will refer you to an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

The oral maxillofacial surgeon will discuss the benefits of surgery with you and through computerized treatment planning will be able to:

  • Detail your specific surgery needs
  • Discuss treatment, recovery and overall efficacy of your surgery
  • Answer all your questions with regards to the benefits of surgery and predicted outcome to assist you in determining if orthognathic surgery is the right course of treatment for your needs

By working together, Dr. Krishnan and your oral maxillofacial surgeon can give you a beautiful, functional smile that you will treasure throughout your life!

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